In the earliest days of our lives, we were taught to play fair. Cheating is a bad thing and sharing is a good thing. We are still listening…

In most cases, if JML Computer Solutions LLC finds that a simple reboot of a workstation is the remedy – we do not charge an immediate fee.
The time is notated and billed along with other work at a later date.

If a client calls and ask a simple question or two, we make a note in the account and will bill the calls when enough time has accrued.

We bill in 15 minute increments

A remote access service ticket does not mean a minimal 30 to 45 minute charge. An onsite service ticket does not mean a minimal 60 to 90 minute charge.

Why would a client pay a 30 minute charge for a couple of questions answered over the phone?

How about travel time – Charged one way. We do not feel it is fair for you to pay someone else’s travel.

All said and done – no one guarantees that life is fair. JML Computer Solutions LLC is another vendor’s customer. We know how we want to be treated.

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